Property Investment | Stockport | Greater Manchester

Thanks to our extensive experience of property improvements around Stockport and Greater Manchester Evolution Property Services could be of great help if you are considering buying a property for investment, or struggling to sell a property that you already own.

property investment stockport

Investors! Looking at properties and unsure of how much needs to be spent on them to meet the criteria for your to Flip, Rent or HMO plans ? We can view your property with you before you purchase, and give you ideas of whats possible, highlight things that may have been overlooked but need addressing for instance "structural problems” and give you an idea of Building costs so you can see if it meets your budget before you purchase.
All for a fixed price. Contact me for further details.

  • Idea analysis and design for your property ideas.
  • Maximise your refurb budget to property valuation.
  • Looking at property to buy and want an evaluation from a builders perspective?
  • Help to sell.
  • We Buy!
  • Renewable energy advice and referrals.

We can advise you from a builder's perspective on what home improvements will help you to sell or evaluate how you can best use your refurbishment budget to maxmise property value.

Have a property you want to sell, and maybe it's not selling! We can give you some constructive ideas often that can often help to get it SOLD QUICKLY.

We buy property ourselves too! We also know property investors whom maybe interested in purchasing your property. So save money by asking us first before committing to an estate agent and the fees involved there.

Property Services in Bredbury, Woodley, Romiley, Compstall, Marple Bridge, Marple, High Lane, Mellor, Stockport and Greater Manchester.